Stoney’s Bread Company: a little pricey – but tasty choice!


We arrived at the Queensway Cineplex Theatres early, so we decided to eat at a local restaurant that received really good reviews online – insert Stoney’s Bread Company (

Upon entering, we were a little confused as to where to go – there were tables on the right and what appeared to be an ordering counter with boards to the left (there were some pretentious hipsters blocking the left side and the only path to the ordering area so that added to the confusion).  Fortunately, there was a cheery worker who greeted us from the counter and motioned us to head in her direction.

FullSizeRenderAfter spending some time reviewing the menu ( – I decided on the $16 Blackened Atlantic Salmon Sandwich (avocado, mango salsa, citrus aioli served open face on focaccia with mixed field greens).  Nigel chose the $12 Southern Style Pulled Pork Sandwich (bourbon BBQ sauce & garlic aioli on a ciabatta).  We paid at the counter and the machine gave a tip option – we opted for 15%.  The total came to about $38.  The cashier then gave us a number and our receipt.  There was no one in the restaurant at the time so we had our pick of indoor tables, high tops or the patio.

Considering there were only two of us in the whole restaurant and about 3 line cooks, the food took a while IMO?  But maybe that is normal and I’m being nit picky?  Oh well, it gave me a chance to appreciate the modern decor.  Anyways – the food was good.  Pulled pork sandwich tasted pretty standard – hard to mess that one up.  Even the pulled pork served at my school’s cafeteria tastes good.

FullSizeRenderMy blackened salmon was yummy – it wasn’t as tender I’d like on the inside but the edges were nice and crispy (guess that is the trade-off).  The mango salsa was delicious but the avocado didn’t taste fresh – the avocado tasted like the pre-made stuff you can buy at the grocery store.  Not fresh like Chipotle – Chipotle knows how to do guacamole.  Salad was nicely coated in dressing.  No complaints – I would order it again!

In terms of the 15% tip – in retrospect, we would have done 5% as they didn’t do anything besides bring us the food.  They didn’t even give us the water we requested at the time of order.  Based on the experience we had, even though the food was good – the value was not there.  It’s like…they charge you for dine in and it is dine in…but not really because the service portion is absent.  Would we go back – no.  Would I recommend it to try at least once – yes.

If you’ve tried Stoney’s – pls. comment below…maybe I will be enticed to go back!

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