The LOT’s American Idiot: good if you like Green Day


Green Day’s American Idiot is a two time Tony Award winning musical.  Immediately after the show, I thought to myself – what awards did it win because I don’t know what it would have been critically acclaimed for?  Turns out, it was nominated for 3 Tony Awards in 2010 – Best Musical, Best Scenic Design & Best Lighting Design.  It did not win Best Musical, but took awards for scenic & lighting design.  Honestly, I don’t think The LOT’s version would earn these awards…

FullSizeRenderI’m not sure how much The LOT’s production varied from NYC’s version- I assume that the music and script are the same.  Then everything else (set, costume, design & choreography) is dependent upon who is hired…

The music was pretty good – my husband and I are fans of Green Day so it was a treat to hear familiar songs (favourites include: American Idiot, Boulevard of Broken Dreams, St. Jimmy, Give Me Novocaine, 21 Guns & Wake Me Up When September Ends).  The best singer in our opinion was Andrew Perry (played St. Jimmy – the drug dealer).  His voice was powerful and seemed in a different league in comparison to the rest of the cast.  However, the story line…was weak…to break it down – the musical follows three guys who want to pursue music.  One ends up staying home because he gets his girlfriend pregnant, one ends up joining the military and the other gets caught up in the drug scene.  At the end of the musical, all three guys find their way back home after following their three paths.

Go into it not expecting much and you will come out a happy camper.  The acting was not authentic – one could say some parts were “over-acted” and the crowd generally looked unimpressed.  The bar was set high with Spamalot last year so we were disappointed.  The LOT’s production of American Idiot wasn’t bad – but it wasn’t really great either.  I could have gone without watching it as it was not memorable.  Another thing I noticed was the theatre was only half full – the back 4 rows were completely empty…

American Idiot is playing at The Lower Ossington Theatre until May 24th, unless it gets extended…this month will be your last chance to catch it.  If you sign up for the online newsletter, you will get email offers for discount tickets.  The day before our show, I got an email advertising $20 tickets – unfortunately, I bought tickets in advance at 60% thinking the $35 tickets were a good deal…

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