Best Bio App for the Classroom: IMO it will rock your world

Plague Inc. – is a paid app but there are free versions and similar dupes (Ex. Infection).  It is a simulation game where you try different strategies to wipe out the entire world!  Yes – the ultimate goal is to be a plague that infects and then kills the human race.  Even if there is one human left and a cure is found by scientists – GAME OVER.

I use it in my Bio class as it fits nicely with the Microbiology unit.  There are different types of pathogens to choose from: virus, bacteria, fungus, etc…

While playing the game, you will learn how a pathogen spreads (air, water) and how various symptoms affect the rate of the infection.  As a pathogen you gain DNA points which will allow you to level up your powers and your ability to infect the world.

Trust me – your students will be playing this game beyond your lesson and it will be difficult to top this one!  You yourself will love this game – it is crazy addictive!  There is sweet satisfaction in being a smart pathogen that successfully wipes out the human race.  Enjoy!

Comment below on your experiences or to share any apps that you’ve used in the classroom that you think are worth a try!

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