Piktochart: thanks for making me look talented!


So, I joined Twitter this month & have been slowly integrating myself into various PLN (professional learning networks – yep, I had to Google what that stood for when someone put that in a comment to me…side note: feeling like a noob so far – but that is ok because learning is a journey and I’m just starting off).

OK – what a fun site!  So many templates, images & fonts – in LOVE!  I discovered Canva yesterday and today have stumbled upon this…look what I made today!  Currently an acting Spec.Ed. head – I imagine It should come in handy if I’m ever in that role again 🙂

I will definitely be using this site regularly from this point on.  Debating on if I should invest in the paid version…I have a feeling the low res docs will begin to bother me but I really don’t like how its a pay monthly subscription as opposed to a one time price.  Have you made anything cool that you want to share?  Comment below – I would love to see what you have made for inspiration 🙂

Supporting Spec Ed Students

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