Helpful Periodic Table App: engaging & FREE!

The Elements Flashcard by Theodore Gray is a free app that can be used in the classroom to introduce the Periodic Table or for review.  The graphics are clean and it looks modern – surprising for a free app!  It is by Touchpress Limited.  There are two main modes – “QUIZ” or “DRAG & DROP”.

For “QUIZ”, you can choose to do 20, 40 or 118 elements.  It can test you on: element name, symbol, group or picture (what it looks like).  A feature that you may or may not like is that it is based on the honour system – after it gives you the answer…you choose whether you were correct or incorrect. (screen shown in the middle picture below).

For “DRAG & DROP”, you literally drag the element at the bottom into its place on the Periodic Table.  I’d say this would be good for introducing the table and how it is arranged.  This would be difficult without using a Periodic Table for reference but maybe your kids will be up for a challenge!!!  Know of any other cool apps?  Comment & share below!

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