The Cell Cycle Song: embarrassing for me & educational for you!

Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 7.08.22 PM

So…I am by no means a singer – I will belt it out in the comfort of my home or in my car driving to work (yes – I’m one of those people).  Back in 2011, my school got a bunch of FlipCams and I wanted to put them to use!  I was teaching Gr. 10 Applied Science at the time and one activity gave them the option to record tutorial videos and then share with the class.  I wanted them to feel comfortable – so I figured that if I made an embarrassing video of me singing, they would feel comfortable sharing.

We were in the cells unit and learning about mitosis and there was this fun video on YouTube of a teacher and his students singing this song.  I listened to it multiple times, typed up the lyrics – changed some wording to make it fit to my liking….originally, I wanted to play guitar and have my husband sing but he refused…sad face.  It is sung to the tune of “When I Come Around” by Green Day.

We have a household of fur babies who follow us around everywhere so it took 21 takes to get the entire song!  Here are the lyrics in PDF format: The Cell Cycle Song Lyrics


Introducing 2011 me:

Bloopers are bound to happen in an animal house!

Second Video: guest starring – Pickles, Peanut & Scooter

My animals seem to crave the spotlight…

Third Video: guest starring – Scooter & Pickles

If you make a video of your own to this song – send me the link below!  That way I can show your video instead of mine…lol

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