Fun App with Educational Potential: a disguised gem

Just discovered QuizUp a couple of weeks ago – I was probably living under a rock because I never heard of it until recently.  It is not advertised as an Education app but I feel that it has great potential for use in the classroom.

The whole premise of it is simple – choose a category, answer 10 questions, earn points (based on speed of response & accuracy).  You can challenge your friends or strangers from around the world!

What I find supercool is when you play a category, you earn points – these points let you level up & you get to unlock different titles (so instead of your title being “beginner” – you could be “fairest of them all” or “gene in a bottle”.

This leads into the categories – you can spin this into an educational game because there are categories like: Biology, Science: General, Math: General, Geography: General, Spelling, Thesaurus, Word Scramble & Capital Cities!  So it covers general curricular topics & promotes overall literacy & numeracy – win! There are also achievements that add badges to your profile page & a pie chart that shows your game statistics!

Haha – here is my overall game breakdown…at this point in time, I am using it for fun – as evident based on my choice of topics…lol – but I see potential as using this app as a hook into a topic, as  a transition between activities that require you to set up, a “closer” to the class that prevents kids from lining up at the door, etc…

Happy playing!

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