Numeracy Ideas: @ the ballpark

I love the Toronto Blue Jays – I will never forget watching them win the 92′ & 93′ World Series!   I still have the McDonald baseball cards – would be awesome to meet the vets that made my childhood and make them sign my nerdy cards!

Each year I remain optimistic about playoffs & even if we don’t make it – I still love & support the TBJs – this is my favourite roster so far – great additions this year… Martin & Donaldson…such assets!  And hello – Chris Collabello…what? Where did you come from…wherever it is I’m glad you’re here! (It’s ok that you missed some balls in the outfield – your powerful at bats sure shuts up naysayers)  Don’t get me started talking about Drew, Mark & Aaron!!! I love it when Josh brings the rain & Edwin walks his parrot!  WAIT – this post is about numeracy lesson ideas in baseball…lol – sorry, I get carried away because I LOVE THE JAYS!!!!!

Ok – where was I? Right numeracy ideas…so these are some questions & things you can do at the park – some ideas can be adapted to just watching it on tv.  Imagine – “kids your homework today is to watch or listen to the Jays game” – kewl!

Basic Baseball Questions: these can be given all at once or periodically so that they are not overwhelmed…especially if this is their first game!  Tweet them q’s to keep them engaged!


  • How many balls before a player walk?
  • How many strikes before a player is out?
  • How many outs before the next team’s at bat?
  • How many innings in a game?
  • How many bases are on the field?
  • How many total at bats are there per team?
  • How many at bats did each Jose get?  How many in total? (Bautista & Reyes)
  • How many players are in the outfield? Infield?
  • How many spidey catches did Pillar make?
  • Who is #17?
  • How many home/away players are there in total on the field?
  • How many umpires are there?
  • How many coaches are on the playing field?  Which bases are they near?
  • What is the percentage of strikes does each pitcher have by the end of the 3rd inning?
  • How many pitches does the starting pitcher make before he is switched out for a relief pitcher?
  • How many hits does each team have?  How does that number relate to the score?


Ballpark Numeracy Tasks: here are some things that can be done at the game…if you’re going to the ballpark – arrive at least an hour before it starts so that kids can do these tasks and then actually enjoy the baseball game 🙂

  • How many vendors sell hotdogs? Popcorn? Tim Horton’s coffee?
  • How many entrances are there?
  • How many people are wearing blue jerseys? White jerseys? Gray jerseys? Create a pie chart showing the percentages.
  • How many rows are there in each section?
  • How many seats per row?
  • Estimate the perimeter of the playing field – how did you do this? Estimate the area – explain.
  • What is the ratio of park guest to employee?
  • Survey guests to determine their favourite player – illustrate using a graph (use the Numbers app on iPad)


Oh another good idea if watching baseball at home – compare the accuracy of the umpire vs the pitch tracker!!!  Or if you have MLB At Bat – there is a pitch tracker there but I find there is a delay.

Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 9.34.43 AM

If you have any ideas – share below!

Yep – that’s the new Stroman bobble – he is going to light it up next year!

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