Publish: great app to schedule posts!

You know those days when there’s really good stuff on Twitter & you just want to tweet your heart out but you’re getting to the 4th tweet & feeling like wow – I wonder if I’m spamming?  Well there’s Hootsuite that can schedule tweets to space everything out.  I don’t like how it looks so I haven’t fully embraced it.  I did try a couple of scheduled tweets but the app visually & mechanically doesn’t tickle my fancy.

I like Publish (it’s free) – it has had its glitches & really messed me up in the past (it sent out my entire list of scheduled posts at the same time – this happened on 3 separate occasions….they will also go down for maintenance without notice so none of your posts will push out) so I don’t 100% trust it…but it’s an app I use regularly that I think is worthwhile sharing.

I like it because it helps me schedule tweets so that I look active – even if I’m not.  So if I don’t respond right away its probably because I’m not online.  You can schedule up to 50 posts a day! I schedule between 1 – 4 depending on what I have to share/ what has accumulated over time.

The pic below is what scheduled tweets look like – there are 3 options for publishing: right away, a specific date & time OR optimal time.  For optimal time, the app publishes your tweet automatically when it thinks most people are online. I don’t know if this actually makes a difference as I haven’t noticed a difference…

For example, I’m going to England & won’t have Internet access regularly – Publish lets me look alive on Twitter even if I’m not.  Oh – you can also link it to Instagram if you are big on that. Anyways – have fun!  I’d love to hear your experiences with it 🙂

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