Socrative: FREE edtech tool for your classroom!


Socrative!  This is something that I have heard of for a long time, was given a live demo a year ago and really just explored it this week!  I swear, as teachers – we are exposed to so so so much stuff & at times it can get overwhelming & its hard to prioritize!

Anyways – it is amazing and FREE!  It has 4 cool features:

  1. Quizzes (student immediate feedback, student paced & teacher paced) – requires preparation as the quiz has to be created by you or imported (Socrative quizzes have codes that can be shared…Socrative Garden is a great site with a live document where teachers share their codes)
  2. Space Race (a game where speed & accuracy bring you closer to victory)
  3. Quick Question (for quick verbal, formative feedback)
  4. Exit Ticket (3 predetermined questions to end your class with)

One of the best features is that after each quiz/activity, you can download: an Excel spreadsheet of the results, a complete question summary with answers AND AND (yes – I wrote AND twice…actually now its three times) individual student reports.

Here is a thorough video tutorial that I made where I go through each of the main features of the program.  I show the desktop teacher screen on one side & the student screen via my iPhone on the other side!  I hope its helpful!

Screen Shot 2015-10-04 at 10.49.37 PM

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