Effortless Mani: Galaxy Nails Shortcut

I love the look of galaxy nails but the steps involved intimidate me!  Here is an easy way to get the galaxy nails look if you don’t have the artistic talent to pull it off… 1.  Start with your favourite base coat – I used Nail Foundation by butter London. 2.  Follow it up with a […]

Lip Allergy to Beeswax: it’s official – cera alba hates me

I don’t know if any of you are like me…but my lips are allergic to beeswax.  Generally, about 10 minutes after using a product with beeswax, my lips will tingle and itch.  However, there are some products where the symptoms start out mild and then I will have a severe reaction within a few weeks of […]

Great Lengths Extensions: feel like a money-burning glorious mermaid princess

I’ve been meaning to share my experience with Great Lengths hair extensions – I got them on two separate occasions – once in 2010 and again in 2011.  I know – its been a while but I still remember the glorious days when I had some stranger’s hair intertwined with my own.  I had short hair and […]